The New India by Taniya Parmar
The New India by Taniya Parmar

I am living in new India where

I have to pay 30% tax on total business income for doing business.
I have to pay 20% tax on total income I brought from employment.
I have to pay 15% tax on total amount of everything I purchase for the living.
Overall I have to pay 65% as a tax on my whole income.

And in remaining 35% of the income, I have to pay bills, salary, loans and other expenses.
However, our politician who makes such rules are free from any kind of tax and also free from bills, salary of their workers, loans, and other expenses.

A great nation with dumb rules and corrupt politicians…

This is the direct example of “Absolute power corrupts and destroys absolutely


Bad ruling strategy always harassed and bewildered common people.

So better be wise while choosing your NETA next time…

Till enjoy the roller coaster ride of senseless steps of hiding own mistakes of politicians.

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